Cocos Creator v3.8.4 beta released

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Due to version schedule changes, version 3.8.5 has been changed to 3.8.4. The originally planned HarmonyOS special edition will be released in follow-up updates.


Update Notes


New Features

  • Pool supports setting a shrink threshold to ensure that the size after shrinking will not be less than the shrink threshold.
  • Support for mouse-leave and mouse-enter events.
  • Added Vec2.toVec3() interface.
  • Added Vec3.toVec2() interface.
  • Added ResolutionPolicy.getContentStrategy().
  • Added ContentStrategy.strategy.
  • When using sequence/parallel/then to chain sub-Tweens in Tween, sub-Tweens are allowed to use different targets. issue
  • Added reverse, id, union(fromId), timeScale, duration, pause, resume, pauseAllByTarget, resumeAllByTarget, update, start(time) interfaces to Tween.
  • If the target object bound by Tween is of type Node, the Tween system will automatically perform pause, resume, and stop operations based on the activation and destruction status of the Node. PR1, PR2
  • Tween supports easing strings and custom progress/easing functions for any property type. PR
  • On the Taobao Mini Games platform, WebSocket supports multiple instances. PR
  • Support for WebGPU, currently in experimental version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where after setting event.preventSwallow to true, the overlapping area would not respond to touch events: issue
  • Fixed the issue where some setter functions of Node would send modification events even when the value did not change.
  • Fixed the issue on Mini Game platforms (Taobao, Alipay) where innerAudioContext.onCanPlay might not exist, causing the sound to fail to play: issue
  • Fixed the nested issue in NodeEventProcessor.dispatchEvent(): issue
  • Fixed the flickering issue when tweening color.
  • Fixed the issue where _rot.x/y/z/w data in scene (.scene) and prefab (.prefab) files might have null invalid values: issue
  • Fixed the issue where the target of onStart/onUpdate/onComplete callback functions in’s opt?: ITweenOption was forcibly set to object, causing errors in strict mode; issue
  • Fixed the issue where Tween would change the property type of the target object during the process; PR
  • Fixed the issue where custom progress and easing types were missing in the props parameter of; PR
  • Fixed the issue where the Tween system would automatically add a uuid property to target objects that are not of type Node; PR
  • Fixed the memory leak issue caused by WebSocket receiving binary data on Android platform; PR
  • Fixed the memory leak issue caused by hash calculation anomalies due to padding bytes automatically inserted by the compiler in gfx-related structures on Android x86 simulator; PR
  • Fixed the memory leak issue on native platforms when modifying the text of label in CacheMode (NONE) mode; PR
  • Fixed the issue where the UI popped up after catching exceptions in Button callback function with window.onerror/jsb.onError could not respond to touch/mouse events; PR
  • Fixed the issue where the game window size was displayed incorrectly after rotating the screen on iPad; PR
  • Fixed the issue where sound would still play after enabling the mute button on iOS devices; PR
  • Fixed the issue where game sound would not resume after receiving and hanging up a phone call from the background and then bringing the game to the foreground on iOS phones; PR
  • Fixed the issue where cleaning would not be reset under specific conditions in cache-manager’s clearLRU; PR
  • Fixed the issue of inconsistent behavior when setting enable_multi_touch differently; PR
  • Fixed the shader compilation error caused by the uniform of web skeletal animation joints not being rounded; PR
  • Fixed the out of range issue on native platforms with multiple light sources; PR


Bug Fixes

  • Upgraded Xiaomi packaging tool to support compiling Xiaomi with Node 18 and above versions.
  • Added an experimental option to automatically handle the MD5 option switch for build template files, allowing users to disable it.
  • Fixed the issue where other tag attribute fields in the html might be replaced when automatically replacing the MD5 path of file dependencies.
  • Fixed the error of building Bundle on HarmonyOS platform.
  • Fixed the display name issue of sub-assets on the assets panel.
  • Fixed the issue where the bottom of the Bundle resource preview list was not fully displayed when the list was too long.
  • Fixed the issue where the URL parameter of custom script templates was invalid and improved the creation script file name validation process.
  • Fixed the display and interaction issue of the scene list selection in the build panel and the missing state.
  • Fixed the issue where the second new build task on Huawei AGC platform did not update the configuration.
  • Fixed the issue where the gizmo icon of nodes in the animation panel was not displayed when selecting nodes in the animation edit mode.
  • Fixed the issue where multiple bones were added in the skeleton texture layout in the project settings, but there was no scrollbar.
  • Fixed the issue where the selected texture layer could not be painted again after reselecting the terrain node, and the texture layer needed to be switched to paint.
  • Fixed the issue where the terrain editing information was lost after entering prefab editing and returning to the scene.
  • Fixed the issue where the cursor big dot was truncated when the mouse was placed on the terrain and moved.
  • Fixed the issue where texture compression failed when building some format pictures.