Help Please, export game to web desktop 3.8

After building web desctop in cocos creator, I starting index file of game, иut the game scene does not start, only the project name is visible. What do I need to do ? Install the http server? Help me please. I want to share the game with a friend. Use 3.8 version.

1.You should install a http server, that you can browser the index.html correctly.
2.You wanna confirm the start scene is the scene you want to show.
3.Are there any errors occur during loading the game.
After checking these steps, you can browser the game on the website.

If you just want to share the game with your friend for a look , you can send the QRCode from the CocsCreator Editor, here is the way

So I need to make ( it shouldn’t be hard ) a local server, but I have no idea how to send game data to the server or query the game data . I don’t know how to do it at all. I apologize for possibly stupid questions.

You should know the tech and knowledge about the server, such as nodejs.

Releases · TheWaWaR/simple-http-server (

Download server like this … copy it to the index.html folder . open it , browse ti a localhost:8000, that could work .

You can run your own local server, but I like to do is use the “live preview“ extension from visual studio code. It allows you to write click on any HML file and “show preview” which opens a little HTML viewer tab in the code editor.