Question about Bundle Dependency

I have a question about bundle dependency.

To briefly explain, it goes like this:

Bundle C

  • Sprite (A Sprite)

Bundle A

  • Bundle C - (C Sprite) β€” A Sprite Dependency

Bundle B

  • Bundle C - (D Sprite) β€” A Sprite Dependency

Is there a way to avoid having A Sprite Bundle Dependency of Bundle C in both Bundle A and Bundle B?

Sorry, but I can’t get your point. could you make it clearer?

  • (A) Prefab
  1. It has a Sprite Component.
  2. Sprite Frame (Image01) is linked to Sprite Component.
  • (B) Prefab (Bundle1)
  1. Use (A) Prefab.
  2. Link the (Image02) Sprite Frame to the (A) Prefab you are using.

When you build Bundle 1, both Image01 and Image02 are exported to the bundle.

In this case, can’t Image 01 be excluded?

If your Image01 is in a higher priority bundle, the Image01 will be packed into that one.
Just look up the documentation for more detail.

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Check documentation regarding Bundle Priority

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