All Offical Demo Cases FREE Today!!

#To help new users from Unity#

We’re having our first megasale at the Cocos Store for new users from Unity,
all our official items are free for the next 10 days!

Reply in the comments about which resources you find useful, or what kind of learning resources you still need.

Come check out our game projects, add-ons and more! #gamedev #gamestore

Free Source Code (Limited Free for New Users)

  • Cybepunk TPS Shooting Game:
    A third-person shooter game in Cyberpunk style, implemented with Cocos RenderGraph.

Limited Free!

  • Toon Style Demo

A toon stylized demo in Zelda style, implemented with Cocos.

Free Download!!

  • Metaverse Technology Museum

Metaverse Demo

Limited Free!!

  • Ghost Archer


Limited Free!!

  • Run, Giant!

Limited Free!!

  • Run, little fairy


Limited Free!!

  • Aircraft Wars 3D

A high-quality 3D Raiden shooter game.

Limited Free!!

  • Crazy Fruit Cutting 3D

Crazy Fruit Cutting 3D!

Limited Free!!

  • Coin Pusher

Limited Free!

  • Bug Run 3D

Limited Free!!

  • Gang War


Limited Free!!

All the resources are limited free for new users from Unity till 2023/09/24!


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Hello I was checking the Bug Run 3D but when you download the project from the store. It download the Crazy Fruit Cutting 3D? Maybe they upload the wrong project.

thanks for feedback, I will let team check it

Thanks I check again and the files were updated. Very cute demo.

looks like i’m not too late to the party… i’m a c# dev (unity’s) but maybe i can learn js, thank you for this

You are not too late, it’s still free

Hello Cocos! I’m very glad to be back with you! Thank you for such a warm welcome! 6 years ago I worked on a project in Cocos2D-X, but was forced to switch to Unity due to the need for 3D. Now, after the death of the Unity, I’m glad to see how strong CocosCreator has become. Glad to join you again!


It looks like the freebie is over now? It hasn’t even been 10 days yet.