Browser Canvas Resize Problems on iOS 17

Hello my friends,
I’m having an issue with the iOS 17 (17.0, 17.1, 17.2, 17.3) and I have a feeling that it can be solved by Cocos 3.X engine side.
Its related to the Safari-browser, which used to send a resize event (for example on orientation change) and the engine catch that change within short amount of time so the game can adjust the Canvas size.
But apparently it doesn’t happen the same way with iOS 17, the engine kind of blind to a resize event which leaves the game unproperly scaled.

Did someone had the same issue? Any suggestions for a fix on a game side, or the engine can be improved to deal better with the browser resize events

Thank you!

Image for reference:

Maybe try trigger resize event manually in the code after game starts?

Thanks @idchlife , yeah, things like that works, not only on game start but also I have to call it constantly to adapt to changes in window size and orientation change.

I assume it has to happen on the engine side, because it used to work and now it doesn’t, so I hope the Cocos developers will catch up with iOS changes and will fix it for all of us.

Hello. I have the same problem. I haven’t found a solution yet.

It looks like the iOS 17(17.0, 17.1, 17.2, 17.3) screen rotation time has become longer. in file “engine/pal/screen-adapter/web/screen-adapter.ts”, EVENT_TIMEOUT = 200ms. At this time, the screen rotation has not been completed, so The size is wrong. It is need to change the EVENT_TIMEOUT >= 500ms(The actual time of the screen rotation is not tested). But after upgrading iOS 17.4,200ms it’s okay.