Cocos Creator 3.8.2 LTS has been released!

Dear Cocos Developers,

Thank you all for your patience and valuable feedback during the public testing of version 3.8.2. After a period of testing and iteration, Cocos Creator 3.8.2 is now officially released.

Below are some feature improvements, issue fixes, and documentation updates in version 3.8.2.



  • Enhanced support for multiple lights, CSM, and multiple light shadows in the pipeline. Object pool enabled for the web pipeline.
  • Refactored OpenHarmoney platform layer NAPI adaptation code.
  • Optimized XR integration logic, XRInterface.cpp does not participate in compilation when XR is disabled.
  • Upgraded V8 to version
  • Adapting the engine repository development environment to NodeJS 18.x.
  • Added support for reading the maximum number of simultaneously downloaded files from the project configuration file settings.json.


  • Improved the display of build task progress.
  • Adjusted the scrollbar of various module panels in the project settings, optimized texture compression interface interaction (need to test if there are any abnormal displays on various pages, especially the texture compression page).
  • Upgraded ASTC tool to version 4.6.0.
  • Avoided exceptions not returning when preview obtains settings, fixed error interface display timing during preview.
  • Optimized texture compression task scheduling and build progress display during compression.
  • Optimized the usage of compilation engine cache, fixed an issue where the cc.js cache could not be found.
  • Supported publishing bundles independently using command-line.
  • Exposed the mechanism for building custom panel plugins to the public, examples have been updated in the build plugin template.
  • Allowed resizing the input box in the property inspector on multiline text.
  • Added a “Target Environment” configuration option in the build panel on the Web platform. By default, it covers the widest range of browsers. If both polyfills “Async Functions” and “CoreJS Standard Library” are selected, the src/polyfills.bundle.js file will increase by about 70KB. Developers can adjust this parameter based on the coverage of their own projects, such as setting it to: > 0.4%. For the specific meaning of the field, please refer to Browserslist.
  • Added ASTC compressed texture support for Alipay platform.



  • Fixed the ineffective Spine setTrackXXXListener on the Web.
  • Fixed Spine memory leaks.
  • Fixed std::unary_function not found error caused by upgrading to Xcode 15.
  • Fixed an issue where the md5 value of the corresponding js file name remains unchanged after modifying the wasm file.
  • Fixed an issue where the native platform bundled the code of the gfx webgl/webgl2 backend.
  • Fixed an error when passing the visualize parameter to the build-engine module.
  • Fixed the problem of exception when obtaining letter definition is empty.
  • Fixed the problem of exception when audio exit on Xiaomi platform.
  • Fixed the problem that the configuration does not take effect when repeatedly building for the Android platform.


  • Fixed the issue where new scripts would not run after importing a resource package.
  • Fixed the issue where bundle configuration was imported, and missing scene data in the bundle was not automatically completed.
  • Fixed the issue of failure to import PNG format images exported by Blender.
  • The remote directory after building for the vivo platform has been adjusted from src/remote to the root directory remote.
  • Fixed the issue of not finding node data when opening other prefabs from animation mode.
  • Fixed the potential freezing of the preview when scripts were frequently modified.
  • Fixed the issue of the cc.js cache not being found in the compilation engine cache.
  • Fixed the issue where the simulator might crash when using a custom pipeline.
  • Fixed the issue where modifying the rect value of the camera did not take effect in the scene.
  • Fixed the issue where moving the probe point after baking the light probe caused the loss of the baked effect of the probe.
  • Fixed the issue where, after restarting the project, the reflection probe in the scene was separated from the bounding box (Windows system).
  • Fixed the issue of memory leaks when the panel frequently pops up and dock a window.
  • Fixed encrypt script compression option takes no effect on native platforms.


Thank you for your support. Cocos Creator 3.8 is designated as an LTS version and will receive ongoing updates to enhance stability. Please feel free to use it.


I am ready going to 3.8.2

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The project has been upgraded to 3.8.2 and is running stably. :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Hi. Thank you for sharing. All the best


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