Cocos creator 3.8.3: build-templates stop working


In 3.8.3 you announced that:

Added functionality to match build templates by build task names (e.g., templates placed inside build-templates/wechatgame-001 will be used as build templates when constructing tasks named wechatgame-001. Projects can customize different build templates for the same platform according to actual needs, such as different modes for debug and release).

We tried many options, but files from build-templates folder are not copied anymore. We tried for Android and iOS platforms, both from the editor and from the console.

Could you please provide more information on how it works now?

Thank you.

Why would you require build-templates for Android or iOS build?

For iOS we keep Podfile, export-release.plist, some customs scripts for OnDemandResources. For Android we use custom build.gradle and

In Android development, if you need to add custom configurations to the build.gradle and files, you can simply edit the existing ones. Here’s how:

  1. When creating the build, select Android as the platform.
  2. Once the build is created, you’ll find the new build.gradle and files inside the native/engine/android directory.
  3. Additionally, you can locate these files in the build/Name of the Android build/proj directory.
  4. You can then edit either of these files, but it’s recommended to modify the ones inside the build folder for convenience.