Cocos Creator v2.0.2 released!

Cocos Creator v2.0.2 released!

Cocos Creator v2.0.0 is a brand new version that has undergone a lot of low-level refactoring. Some developers have encountered some annoying problems in the process of upgrading the project. We collect and do our best to solve these problems in v2.0.1. In addition to greatly improving the stability and the friendliness of project upgrades, this version also brings new open data domain solutions for WeChat games to developers, greatly improving the performance and flexibility of open data domains.

Detailed changes

Main Features

  • Update the best use of open data domain solutions in history
  • Provides WeChat platform cleanup cache API
  • Support WeChat games and play a platform to set the frame rate via
  • Add a View menu for the simulator to set the resolution
  • Modular RenderTexture and DynamicAtlas

Editor fixes

  • Fixed issue with particle resource import in editor
  • Fixed an issue where Label was not affected by node anchor changes in the editor
  • Fix BMFont font error in the editor editor
  • Fixed an issue where the color of some Particles could not be displayed and set in the inspector
  • Fixed an issue where the simulator resizing interface would not fit
  • Fixed curve editor state residual problem in animation editor
  • Fixed an issue where the particle system’s svg flag was missing in the editor
  • Fixed Editbox editing fontColor does not work
  • Fixed an issue where the animation editor switched WrapMode while playing the animation, causing the node in the scene editor to not be dragged
  • Fix the problem that the node _localZOrder keeps changing when the data is saved
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard direction key could not be fine-tuned after the editor selected the node
  • Fixed an issue where the scene editor would not automatically locate in the hierarchy manager after selecting a node
  • Fixed an issue where the node tree was automatically expanded after the node was deleted
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the node level manager in the inspector panel does not automatically locate
  • Optimize the Console automatic scrolling experience
  • Fixed an issue where all child nodes were expanded when the parent node active state was switched
  • Fixed flashing issues when clicking on Hierarchy nodes
  • Fix Auto Atlas preview invalidation issue

Engine repair

  • Fix rendering issues with Spine animations
  • Fixed animation jitter caused by shader precision
  • Fixed an issue where setting the property in the inactive state does not take effect on the Sprite
  • Fixed rendering of Tiled type Sprite in the case of texture rotation
  • Fixed an issue where the background in the open data domain could not be transparent
  • Fixed rendering errors when Graphics has too many vertices
  • Fixed an issue where Camera does not respond to events after zooming
  • Fixed clipping of Tilemap after Camera zooming
  • Fixed a status error caused by multiplexing of RichText child nodes
  • Fix IE11 support
  • Fixed qqplay does not support Particlemap issue in base64 format
  • Fixed an issue where the Spine debug slot is not available in the Release version
  • Fixed issues with background switching events in front of each platform
  • Fixed rendering error caused by blend function when Label was switched to BMFont type
  • Fixed a black screen on the qqplay platform under Android P
  • Fixed an issue with the Windows platform XMLHttpRequest GET result of timeout
  • Fixed an issue where AudioClip does not support lazy loading
  • Supplement the missing deprecation API to fix missing API documentation issues
  • Fixed an issue where Stencil would be overwritten by the last Mask when multiple Masks coexist
  • Fixed black border issue with Mask component in open data domain
  • Fixed Mask does not support lazy loading when using image stencil
  • Fixed an issue where Spine could not display debug slots in non-debug mode
  • Fixed an issue where the audio could not be played when the Native platform checked MD5
  • Enhance fault tolerance of Particle resources and support resource formats exported by effecthub
  • Fix resume can directly play unplayed audio
  • Fixed a missing GUI issue caused by including the Mask module and culling the Graphics module
  • Fixed Native platform button can still receive touch events when active is false
  • Fixed web platform VideoPlayer has no hidden issues when switching visibility
  • Fixed an issue where windows & mac emulator window size does not automatically adapt when changing
  • Fixed parsing problem with Tilemap parser
  • Fix Camera does not support mask when using RenderTexture screenshots
  • Fixed an error caused by multiple Graphics switching between each other
  • Fixed an issue where the final alpha was invalid when the particles in the particle system finally disappeared (opaque)
  • Optimize the performance of small text rendering on the Native platform
  • Fixed Android platform return key listener failure
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the input box will disappear after the iOS platform pops up the input box
  • Fixed garbled problem when inputting Chinese characters on iOS platform
  • Optimized input box completion button design
  • Fixed an issue where the input emoticon was abnormal in WeChat game
  • Optimize the API design of TiledTile (do not allow layer to be set, get it automatically)
  • Fixed hexagonal tileMap offset problem when using TiledTile
  • Fixed a crash on the native platform FileUtils writeStringToFile call

Deprecation and removals

  • A large number of private and non-core APIs of v1.x have been removed or discarded. For details, please refer to the upgrade guide.

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v2.0.2 Windows
v2.0.2 Mac

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Upgrade guide: 404 Not Found


Thanks. I will figure out why.

Still 404 for links.

Found API in english:

I have to translate the doc from Chinese and also we are adding new docs. Working on fixing some build errors.

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Please support C++.
It is because of C ++ that developers used cocos2d-x and created amazing games :slight_smile: Not JS and any low quality games. You lead to this… don’t you see…? This engine is already dead for C++ devs who created top charts games(EU and US people) and new unique games. You know that all clones, copycats and rip-off games comes from China so you start to support that even more by choosing JS way for the engine? Nice shoot in the leg. Thats really sad for me. I fell sorry for you @walzer


Hi @cc_x, I’m not sure why you’re so upset. Cocos team has not abandoned C++. Cocos2d-x v3.17 (C++) was released recently. Last I heard, they were also working on Cocos Creator C++ support (not sure about it’s current status though).

Btw, people who want to copy will copy, regardless of the language, be it C++ or JS.

I too was reluctant initially with JS, but instead of being stubborn I tried it out and now find it as good as C++ development. Infact, I love how hassle free it is to play with strings and all other basic pre-built libraries in JS.

The Cocos team is doing a great job and I know they’re often working hard to get new releases out on time. From my side, I’d like to thank them for being proactive and supportive as well.


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@slackmoehrle Any update for the upgrade guide? 3 weeks ago, we tested a 1.9.x prototype project in 2.0.1 and it failed to run. A lot of scripts were broken (because a lot of functions were depreciated (math, random etc.)).

6 weeks have been passed since the release of 2.0 and we still do not have a proper upgrade guide and documentations.

I love Cocos and JavaScript (did launch a successful game with Cocos Studio before). But, my team is already looking into another framework (Unity) for future projects. I really wish Cocos provided better support. May be Cocos should start a paid service to fund the project. I think, people don’t mind paying for reliability and quick support rather than free with no/little support.

So, do you think, can we expect the guide anytime sooner? Although we should start our new projects with the latest framework, should we revert to the older version?

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V2 documentation is out on the English site. It turns out there isn’t an English upgrade doc. I’ll translate the text from the Chinese doc and post it in this thread.

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Hi Everyone! Particle system + .plist issue with v2.0.1

One of the bullet points for editor fixes in the v2.0.1 release notes states that " * Fixed issue with particle resource import in editor". I don’t know if I’m having that issue, but when I export a .plist and try to use it in another particle system via the particle file field, the new particle system always discards the texture information and generally populates different values for Duration, Emission Rate, Start Color Variation, and sometimes some of the other fields randomly as well. Hitting the sync button always puts a different value in the Emission Rate field than what is in the .plist.

Is there something I am doing wrong, or is this perhaps a bug?

The easiest way to verify this is to put the same number for every single field in a particle system and a Sprite frame. For example, the number 20. After exporting a .plist and loading that .plist into another particle system component, it can never find the texture and then the emission rate gets stamped on. Thanks for your time. Cheers, Greg

Hello. Any way to enable Canvas renderer and build Canvas ???

v2.0.2 has now been released. links above updated. I suggest everyone update to this release!

Main Features

* The native platform adds the `jsb.saveImageData` interface to save the screenshot. Please refer to the test case.
* TTF font loading is integrated into the Loader system, supporting RichText lazy loading across the platform
* Add `cc.Mat4` value type to facilitate matrix and matrix operations


* Fix the animation editor to save the animation, cancel the save, but modify the problem left in the scene data
* Fix an issue where MotionStreak causes the property panel color to become null when adding a color property in the animation editor
* Fixed a problem with no response in the scene editor after the Anchor value of the RichText node was modified
* Fix the problem of scene loss caused by recompiling script in Prefab editing interface
* Fix the problem that the Hierarchy hierarchy is fully expanded and jumped to the first node after closing Prefab
* Fix the problem that the node in the inspector cannot be jumped when the node tree is not expanded.
* Fix node tree expansion option setting is invalid
* Fix the problem that the replicated node tree is not copied, and the closed node tree will be fully expanded.
* Fix the problem of scene loss caused by recompiling script in Prefab editing interface
* Fix multiple invalid copy and paste issues in Explorer
* Fix the problem that the particle system holding the focus in the scene becomes stuck after the animation editor is opened and closed


* Turn Camera clearFlags on by default stencil and depth
* Fixed an issue where inverted Mask is invalid
* Fixed rendering of some Xiaomi phones due to Stencil buffer status problems
* Fix the problem that Mask components affect each other in the Stencil area
* Fixing the problem that the Spine node inside the Mask affects the external Spine node is also clipped
* Fixing complex Graphics to invalidate Mask Stencil
* Fixed a lot of load performance caused by calling loader loading API
* Use uint8 to do a copy of the data when the MeshBuffer is expanded, avoiding the color error caused by Graphics
* Compatible with WeChat 6.6.5 and below does not support engine initialization failure caused by gl.getExtension
* Fix warnings caused by overwriting wx.onMessage in WeChat open data fields
* Fix the problem that the direction of the rotating node in the open data field of the game is wrong
* Fix open data domain open ES6 to ES5 causes cc undefined problem
* There is no problem listening to endEditing when fixing Editbox stayOnTop
* Fix the problem that the text is occluded in the Editbox stayOnTop state
* Fix the problem of the input box and text deviating in the case of Camera zooming on the Web platform Editbox
* Fix small game platform Editbox Multi-line input, click to complete will trigger multiple editingDidEnd event
* Fix Editbox re-adapting to cause too small a scene when starting input
* Fix an issue where Editbox is hidden after 90 degrees of rotation on Chrome
* Fixed an issue where the Particle lifecycle was longer than the emissionRate and would not be played repeatedly.
* Fix occasional blurry afterimage rendering problems in particle systems
* Fix Sprite on onEnable is a possible rendering problem caused by missing update material
* Fix Sprite color settings invalidation in case of lazy loading
* Synchronize the gid of the corresponding tile in TiledTile and TiledLayer
* Avoid TiledLayer error reporting without textures
* Fix getting empty tiledLayer properties
* Fix the problem that the next event listener can't block the underlying touch event
* Fix the risk of leaking ActionManager removeAllActions
* Fix color type issues with MotionStreak
* Fix MotionStreak does not support lazy loading issues
* Fix positioning deviation of content in ScrollView
* Fix touch position offset caused by SHOW ALL mode
* Fix CC_WECHATGAME is false in subdomain
* Fix the problem that the node opens the RichText control and the child node disappears
* Fix experience with AudioEngine setFinishCallback
* Fix the problem that AudioEngine stopAllEffect will stop background music
* Fix SpriteFrame does not update uv when modifying cap inset settings
* Remove cc.sys.dumpRoot and cc.sys.cleanScript
* Fix setting frame rate causes problems with emulator and native platform splash screen
* Fix the problem that the Windows platform Label is red after wrapping
* Fix the problem that the Mac platform emulator consumes too much CPU
* Fix missing audio.State in native platform
* Fix problems with native platform sys.getNetworkType and getBatteryLevel not adapted
* Fix possible errors in the native platform Editbox editing process
* Fix iOS platform video player full screen request problem
* Fix fullscreen video exit on iOS Safari can't be cleared
* Fix the crash of the Native platform Show / Hide event listener callback
* Fix sporadic crashes when the windows platform wakes up from the menu bar
* Fix build error caused by using SDKBox
* Fix some documentation and ts code hint error
* Fix some API descriptions and obsolescence issues
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@jare can help answer this.

Sorry, canvas renderer was removed in v2.0.

In this version 2.0.2 my draw call is very high around 150 :frowning: in 1.9.3 it around 40


I am trying to resolve this error, but cant reach to a solution.

The project works till 1.9 v but from 2.0 this error comes.
And only in preview , in build there are different errors but they are solvable. ie in build this error doesnt comes.

I know i might be missing some update guideline.

@slackmoehrle I still am waiting for the upgrade guide to see the amount of effort required to upgrade.

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Yup, I am working on it. It is time consuming as it is very long.

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If you have the guide in other language, please kindly share it first. We will use Google to get it translated.

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