GalaxyTab A8 Web Mobile Speaker Sound Issue


I would like to inquire about the web version volume issue.

I’m using Cocos Creator 2.4.12.

There is an issue that plays the volume low when playing from the Galaxy Tab A8 terminal to the speaker.

There are no issues when using earphones.

AudioSource and AudioEngine all have the same issue.

There are no issues when using HTML Audio.

Is there a solution?

Any error message?

There is no error message.

However, when I check with several tablets, only Galaxy Tab A8 has an issue.

Other than that, I checked it on Galaxy Tab A7, Galaxy Tab Advanced2, but the sound of the speaker and earphone played the same.

Let me explain the issue a little more.

  • Videos played on VideoPlayers are played at the same volume for both speakers and earphones.
  • When playing sound with Audio Source and Audio Engine, it plays small on the speaker.
  • When recording in the speaker state, the audio suddenly becomes louder, and when recording is stopped, the sound becomes lower again.
  • The video has the same sound regardless of whether it is recorded or not.

We don’t have Galaxy Tab A8, so it is hard for us to fix it.

And i am curious with the usage:

  • Why play both speakers and earphones? As i know, we can only play in one mode?
  • Did you mean the app plays video and uses Audio engine to play audio at the same time?
  • How did you record audio?
  1. We don’t use speakers and earphones at the same time.
  • When playing on speaker : the sound is played low
  • When playing with earphones : Sound is played normally
  1. There are cases where sound effects and the like are played during video playback.
    However, rather than using video and sound effects at the same time, please check the part where the size of the sound is different for each device.

It uses the same sound file, but it differs from device to device.

  • Galaxy Tab A7, Galaxy Tab Advanced2: No difference in sound size when checked with speakers and earphones
  • Galaxy Tab A8: When checked with the speaker, the sound is lower than that of the earphone
  1. For issue reproduction, we used the screen recording function provided by Galaxy Tab.
    However, when I started recording the screen, the sound played normally again.
  • Before recording : the sound is heard low.
  • Recording : Sound played normally
  • End of recording : the sound is heard low.
  1. If you use HTML’s Audio tag, it plays the same size regardless of speakers or earphones.
  • AudioSource, AudioEngine : Speakers sound small and earphones sound normal

  • HTML Audio Tag: Speakers and earphones all sound the same

  1. I’m also sharing other posts with similar phenomena.
    Since this post is native android, the same fix could not be applied.

Thanks for detail explanation.