Going From Unity to Cocos complete newb - need help

Hi I’ve had a quick scout and I can’t find anything quite what I’m looking for but if there are forum posts already like what I’m about to ask then I do apologize and please point me in that direction…

I am a hobbyist who would like to become an indie game dev someday, but with that said at the moment I have casually over the past few years followed many unity tutorials and got reasonably good with C#

After last years unity license fee shit show I’m looking at alternative engines and I’m curious to see if cocos is good for my specific needs.

My intention is to make F2P casual mobile games including Infinite Runners and hyper casual games. One thing I’m finding both confusing and discouraging is that there’s so many different versions of cocos with 2dx, creator a c# version and all sorts with very few tutorials online.

Can someone please point me in the right direction for the following.

  1. Is Cocos a good fit for what I’m looking for?

  2. Which cocos should I be using?

  3. Where should I start, please explain why there’s so few tutorials on youtube and if is it important to only follow newer tutorials or is this engine highly backwards compatible with older versions?

I’d love to hear the experience of any other former or current unity devs who use cocos.

With that said this is already getting quite long and thanks in advance for any responses.

  1. I’ve used Unity in the past, and yes Cocos Creator is a good fit for what you’re looking for, especially if you’re targeting mobile. Unity is very capable and powerful, with a robust asset store so it obviously has a lot going for it. But I also find it to be bloated and cumbersome, whereas I find Cocos Creator to be a little leaner and meaner. I understand those descriptions aren’t very specific, but just trying to give a very high-level overview of why I prefer Cocos Creator.

  2. Use Cocos Creator 3.x, I wouldn’t start out using Cocos Creator 2.x. Cocos Creator’s editor takes a lot of inspiration from Unity so it should have a familiar feel to you. Cocos2d-x is more of a lightweight framework than an engine as it has no editor (you can export Cocos Creator projects to C++ though, but … do you really want to?). Also, you’re probably going to be programming in C++ if you choose Cocos2d-x, although it also has JavaScript and Lua support. So yeah, check out the latest Cocos Creator 3.x.

  3. I would start with the Cocos Creator manual. It has a “Getting Started” section:

I don’t know why there aren’t a ton of YT tutorials on Cocos Creator as I don’t really like that format for tutorials. Perhaps someone else could chime in.

Anyway welcome, the water is pretty warm here and feel free to post any questions you have!

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this is prepared for you: Cocos Creator Quick Guide for Unity Developers | Cocos Creator

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