Looking for Games

Hi everyone,

We are looking to buy android games develop on Cocos, if you have some games to show us please replay here.


Hi, are you interested in Unity game also?

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We are a HK based studio, with people in China and UK/London. We have strong art foundation and started as casual/cartoon art outsourcer focusing on western market exclusively due to our founders experience.
If you are interested in co-development or only straight up commission us to do games in Cocos let us know.
Please have a look at our website/artstation, you can contact there or here. hutustudio is our name
Again, we are only interested in casual-puzzle genre.


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yes! send us an email qwertygames.srl around gmail com

i want full game not only art

@Qwerty2023 Can you please reach out to me on this email imitaliya@gmail.com
I have a lots of games which developed in Cocos2dx