No SDKHub (SDKbox) in Service list?

Hi, I’m trying to implement push-noti, ads, iap into my game, so I heard that SDKHub can do this

Some posts told me to install SDKHub through Cocos service panel, but when I open Service Panel, it showed only 3 options like below

Can someone please tell me how to have SDKHub in the list?
Thanks so much!

PS: I’ve tried to install SDKBox from SDKBox official website but it seems too old & installing SDKHelper caused error
panic: Get "": dial tcp: lookup no such host

Sorry to tell you that the SDKHub is a project of a third-party independent company, which has now ceased maintenance and is no longer usable.

Plus, SDKBox is shutdown in 2021, refer to this post for more details: SDKBox Shutdown Announcement

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Thanks bro
Do you know any other solution for these stuffs?

  • Show ads
  • IAP
  • Notification