[plug-in] Publish Steam with one click! Provide SteamAPI and WindowsAPI ! Very easy access to Steam achievements! If you want to publish your game to Steam, please click here!

Dear friends, I’m property, a high school student from China, only 17 years old.
I’ve created a one-click Steam plugin to help you publish your games to Steam. It allows you to access the SteamAPI very easily and can save you much time.

I’ve been spend much time on this plug-in, suffered hundreds of hours of technical precipitation andthousands of failures. Luckly, I did it.

Plugin Store Address

I have also made a demo to show how to use it, but it’s in Chinese only. The English version is being made, will be released soon, just stay tuned.


  • No complicated configuration required, one-click release Steam
  • Very simple access to SteamAPI
  • Provide a good WindowsAPI
  • Preview the effect in the CocosCreator
  • Packaging panel available
  • High speed packing
  • With sample project (English sample project is in production)
  • Replace complex command line operations with simple UI operations


  • Want to publish to Steam
  • Can not access SteamAPI
  • Want to package Windows
  • Packaging Windows directly always fails
  • Don’t know how to call the WindowsAPI
  • High frequency use of electron-packager to package projects

Menu Screenshot



An English version is already in production

Preparation before use


Please use

npm install -g

Please...\extensions\BuildWindowsAPP\main\preview\preview.js Set the steamAppID variable to your game ID

The same is needed ...\extensions\BuildWindowsAPP\main\build also need to set

Please open Steam before launching the game
If you have packaged the project, please click the Open steamSDK directory button after packaging and copy the steamworks.js folder in the directory to the resources folder in the output directory, otherwise Steam apis will not be found
If it is a preview, no special operations are required

Access to Steam achievements

Achievements can only be edited for games that have already been released
Make sure you’ve changed the steamAppID in your code (to make it your own game) before accessing achievements.
Please add new achievements in your Steam game management background
And remember the name you give, you’ll need it later
Then you can just call the API that I provide
The name you need to pass in is the name you made up for yourself to remember



Packaging failure

First of all, make sure that the computer has installed the dependency environment, and it is installed globally

The project path cannot contain Chinese
Items cannot be directly under disk
Put it directly under disk D
D:\ Your project ×
Non-direct discharge
D:\Cocos\ your project √

Make sure the system allows the script to run
Enter this parameter on the CLI
set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
Just choose A

Make sure your items can be overwritten when you pack them again

Contact me

Please use email to contact me, because I am at school, I may not reply the message in time, but I will reply you when I see it




great plug-in! it will help developers save a lot of time.

That’s right! Thank you for your reply

Wow, this is a time-saver! Thanks so much for sharing this solution.

I’m pretty sure will help lots of developers to ship their games to native platforms! :slight_smile:

Yes! Thank you for your reply


The demo of the English version has been completed, and it can be put on the shelves after approval

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Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

When my time to release a PC game comes, I’ll be looking for this solution.

Thank you for your continued attention

demo address Click here
plug-in address Click here
I have made an English demo, which provides a lot of examples of calling SteamAPI and WindowsAPI. If you are interested, please use my code

Taking into account everyone’s recent feedback on the price, we decided to make a price reduction, hoping that this plug-in can help more people in need.

Now plug-in only $15

Demo projects are only $3

demo address Click here
plug-in address Click here

New writing
However, the content is in Chinese and requires translation software to read it
The main points are as follows

  • Why go on STEAM?
  • The past and present lives of plugins
  • Plug-in principle
  • How to use
  • Access to STEAM achievements
  • Failure solution
  • Some ideas

With Chinese New Year’s Eve just days away,
Plugin limited time offer!

Now plug-in only $15

Demo projects are only $3

demo address Click here
plug-in address Click here

Hiss… Is anyone still following my post

I’m but unfortunately, the western forum is not very active indeed =T

Well, thank you for following my post. I really want to sell an overseas order, because I am still in high school, so it is very motivating for me, I have lowered the price to only $15, hoping to sell one order

Anyway, thank you for your attention. Thank you!

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Keep going, you are still very young. Don’t rush the success, have fun along the way and it will come naturally to you :slight_smile:

Enjoy the journey more than the destination :wink:

And congrats btw, you have your first international client :wink:
Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the next updates :grin:


Thank you. I just got out of school. I have to go back to school this afternoon. Thank you for your encouragement, I will continue to cheer! Thank you very much!