R Mahjong – Riichi Mahjong for 4 players with strong mahjong AI

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A new version (version 2.0+) of R Mahjong - Riichi Mahjong for 4 players has been released.
Main innovations in this version are:

  1. R Mahjong now has a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) called SUO (Super Oracle), based on neural networks. How strong is artificial intelligence? In my estimation, the AI has a strength equivalent to 6.8-7.0 stable dan (as defined on tenhou). Another way to put it is: SUO is stronger than 99.7% of players on tenhou. You can read more about this here - http://riichimahjong.net/blog/mahjongai/.
    You can start playing mahjong right away against strong opponents, improving your game. In addition, R Mahjong has a training mode in which you see the hands of your opponents and also tips from the AI - which tile to discard and make an announcement or not (Chi, Pon, Kan, Riichi). You can also see the probability of a particular tile being discard from an AI point of view.
    Moreover, in training mode, you can quickly hide and display your opponents’ hands and tips, periodically “peeking”, what move Artificial intelligence would do in your place.
    In the local game mode only strong mahjong AI - SUO is available, while in the network game mode is available both strong mahjong AI - SUO and weak mahjong AI - SI.


  1. R Mahjong now keeps detailed statistics on games played. Moreover, you can see not only your statistics, but also the statistics of your opponents, including AI. Almost every aspect of the game is recorded and can be analyzed. Analyzing statistics will allow you to identify and eliminate systematic errors in your mahjong game. Your rating, updated after each game, is also available.

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To help players quickly master the R Mahjong interface, the R Mahjong wiki (in Japanese) has been created: https://w.atwiki.jp/rmahjong

To give players the opportunity to quickly get news about the development of R Mahjong and Mahjong AI, telegram channels of the R Mahjong application have been launched:

In Japanese:


In English:


R Mahjong is available on Google Pay https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arttech.rmahjong

If you love riichi mahjong and want to get stronger then R Mahjong is definitely for you.