Videoplayer on desktop

I have been searching before asking. I found that post that didn’t get any reply
All the related topics are in previous cocos2dx versions or cocoscreator. I am just trying to learn the basics, so how can I just load a video in cocos2d-x version 4?


You cant play a video on dekstop, its only support for Android and iOS. Read this

oh really? that’s too bad.
So what if you want to load a video to show a small tutorial? you can do that in pc?

Perhaps this will help Video Player support

That thread refers to Mobile only i think.
Not pc.

I think you needs this fork which implement win32 video player based on microsoft media foundation: axmol/core/ui/UIVideoPlayer at dev · axmolengine/axmol · GitHub

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now axmol support play video with sprite render on all platforms:

means, the ui::VideoPlayer is a normal Node without platform VideoView

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